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Digital Design and Hosting

Digital Design and Hosting.

We Design and Host Web Sites, it’s what we do.

But with a difference.

  • We can design and host and manage your website relieving you of all of the problems of design, hosting and domain management.
  • We can design and host your web site and give you access to make any changes you want, or we are here to do it for you while you manage your business
  • We can host it and give you full access to create your own web site.

Your Choice.


Your website includes email addresses for your business that make you look professional by using your domain name. Example:

We also give you a choice on how you would like to host your web site.

Shared Hosting.

Your web site is hosted on a shared web server. This means the server will host your site and many others. Should this sever be experiencing a lot of traffic your web site may run a little slower than usual. Typically not noticeable to your visitors.

  • Unlimited Traffic.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • WordPress Pre-installed.
  • NEW WP Website Builder.*
  • Fast SSD Storage.
  • Free SSL Certificate.**

$20.00 per month
$220.00 per year


Private Server.

Your web site is hosted on it’s own Private Server.

  • ~100k Monthly Visitors.
  • 30 GB SSD Storage.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • NEW 1-Click Staging.
  • SSL Certificate Pre‐Installed.*
  • On-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore.
  • Jetpack Free Pre‐Installed.
  • NEW WP Website Builder.**

$40.00 per month
$440.00 per year


We know that uptime is important to you.

A web site that keeps on going downis not any good to you and can cause you to miss opportunities.

Even on a shared server we provide redundancy so that something goes wrong it will fail over to a mirrored server to keep your web site up.

We provide as close to 100% uptime as is possible.


*The New WP Website Builder makes it easier to build web sites. This is a plugin that can be removed if you have your own preference, or not installed if you wish.

** An SSL Certificate shows vistors to your web site that your website is trusted and uses https:// to encrypt traffic. This has two huge benefits.

  1. Users never get their browser warning them that your web site is unsafe and recommending that they don’t go there. It also shows the closed lock symbol in the address bar of their browser indicating this is a safe web site.
  2. Search engines like Google will not list your site, or will give it very low priority if it does not have an SSL Certificate.

An SSL certificate will be installed on your web site and automatically renewed every year when it expires. This certificate is included in your monthly hosting fee.

We can serve you wherever you are:

We are located in Conyers GA and service Conyers, Covington, Madison,Monticello, Tucker,Greater Atlanta and surrounding areas as well as Dekalb, Butts, Clayton, Cobb, Decatur, Fulton, Greene, Henry, Jackson, Jasper, Madison, Newton, Oconee and Rockdale Counties.

Don’t see your state or county in the list above? No problem, we serve all areas of the US.