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Custom Websites for Small Businesses.

We will:

  • Update your Current Website.
  • Get you a domain Name.
  • Build you a new website.
  • Add eCommerce.
  • Accept Payments
  • Accept Online Donations
  • Work with you to create a custom site to meet your needs.


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Custom Website Designs

At Digital Design and Hosting we strive to make custom website designs to grow your business. We do not make cookie-cutter template-type websites as we know your business is not a Cookie Cutter Template Type Business.

Fully Featured Forms

If you are a hairstylist we can let your customers make appointments online and upload pictures of what they would like when the come in for the appointments. If you need customers to upload documents to you, we make that very easy for them.


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of your website. There is not much point in having a website if no one can find you in a search. Test your website’s ability to be found. If you are an accountant, search for “Accountant near me” or “Accountants in my City” and see if you show up. If you don’t, then people cannot find you in a search and your website is not doing you any favors.


Below is a list of websites designed and hosted by Digital Design and Hosting. You can see they are all different. No Cookie-Cutter Template sites here.

Just click a link to open the site in a new tab.